Reinventing Textbooks

I worked with a team of UX designers and a programmer to understand the needs and pain points of high school teachers, students, and their parents regarding digital textbooks. Our goal was to co-design a new and improved version together.

Tools used for this project: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Foundation framework.

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My role: co-design a prototype with learners and teachers

Reinventing Textbooks is a research project commissioned by the Vienne Region. Its goal is to explore alternatives to digital textbooks, which often consist in the digital copy of their paper counterparts. I worked as part of a team to find a solution for both learners and teachers, and make a prototype of our solution.

Several high-school teachers, students, and parents first designed a solution together. Our team came on scene to advise on best practices, and more importantly on what was technically possible or not (holograms apparently were a must-have for textbooks).

We compromised on a solution based on personalized learning, social interactions, and the use of several medias to satisfy all learning styles. Teachers can choose the types of documents to show and the difficulty of exercises for each student. Students can also add documents of their own or hyperlinks to a course in a wiki. All of it is adaptive and works on all devices.

We designed a working prototype that was presented during the C2E conference 2017, a national event on digital technologies and education (you can find out more about it here).

Page of chapters - History and Geography

What I learned

  1. Same words might not have the same meaning for different professionals. When they are tied to important elements of a project, always explain. And if you want to convince, show tangible evidence.
  2. Even if they are experts when it comes to using a product, learners might have no idea how it works.